The Destek Finans Faktoring Difference

Quick and effective

  • Focuses on coming up with quick and clear solutions in all its dealings.
  • Finalizes customer transactions in the least amount of time with the attitude that "The best time is now" and satisfies a customer's needs without overemphasizing either the past or the future.

Flexible decision-making and implementation processes

  • Continuously revises its business processes guided by the principle that "The only thing that never changes is change".
  • Evaluates its customers strictly according to specific and current criteria.
  • Adheres to flexible funding policies that are mindful of the quality of a customer's receivables.

Strong market and risk perception

  • Has extensive business knowledge and experience combined with effective credit investigation competencies resulting in a solid portfolio and superior asset quality.
  • Gives importance to sectoral distribution and spreads risk over different sectors.
  • Closely monitors market information and borrows and lends accordingly.

Sustainable sources of funding

  • Thanks to its own robust financial structure and equity, is able to fund a significant amount if its business out of its own resources.
  • Is known in national and international markets as a sound, risk-free company and is able to tap markets for funding under the best possible conditions thanks to its sound and trusted reputation.
  • Thanks to capital and non-collateralized resources, customers can be offered better terms.

Commitment to unchanging quality

  • Leads the way in encouraging adherence to international standards of quality in the factoring sector.
  • Responds to the needs of all its customers with service quality that is sustainable and at international standards.

An accessible business partner

  • Is easily accessible to all existing and potential customers.
  • Approaches customers as a genuine and friendly financing partner and comes up with solutions to financial problems.

An ally of SMEs

  • Believes that serving small to medium-sized enterprises with high growth potential is a way of investing in the future.
  • Works with all business enterprises that satisfy its guarantee criteria without discrimination on an individual transaction basis.
  • Focuses particularly on the use of export factoring so as to play a role in the development of SMEs and increasing their growth momentum.