HR Policy

Destek Finans Faktoring's staff are adept at coming up with timely and accurate solutions to a customer's requirements within the framework of a disciplined, rational, and organized work ethic.

The continuity of the managers and employees trained within Destek Finans Faktoring is one of the most important factors contributing to the formation of the company's internal dynamics and its strong corporate culture. Destek Finans Faktoring personnel engage in a comprehensive and powerful mutual interaction with respect to identifying with the company's corporate values and sharing their experience with each other. In this respect, managers carry out continuous developmental on-the-job training for employees, who are regarded as the company's internal customers. Such considerations as employee job satisfaction, continuity of their development, career planning and progression, equality of opportunity, and performance-based compensation make up the foundation on which Destek Finans Faktoring's HR policy is erected.