A Genuine Support Approach

Destek Finans Faktoring opens new doors for you in the conduct of your business through an approach that is synonymous with its name "Destek": "Support".

We take a close interest in our customers, understand them correctly, and come up with tailored solutions in order to respond quickly and completely to their needs. That's because a customer's success is the touchstone of our own success.

Our strong and enduring relationships with our customers are shaped within the framework of service principles that we call a "true support" approach.

This approach, which is a reflection of our unique point of view, is also the best possible manifestation of Destek Finans Faktoring's "power source" that grows and gains strength thanks to the multiplier effect of moving along a path that is parallel to the customer's own growth and success.

What Destek Finans Faktoring promises you...

  • Strong understanding of the customer and long-term relationships capable of further development by taking a true business partner approach.
  • Effective service principles, rapid decision-making processes, simplified and clear-cut implementation processes.
  • Standardized and continuously improving service based on a quality management approach.
  • Quick and flexible financing.
  • High funding opportunities.

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