The Benefits of Destek Finans Faktoring

Stable and dependable cash flow

When you assign your receivables to Destek Finans Faktoring you not only receive a prepayment but also have the benefit of a more stable and dependable cash flow according to your transaction terms. This increases your ability to create operating capital.

Clearer growth vision

Without the pressures caused by collection problems, you can make better projections about your business in light of a known cash flow and develop sounder growth plans for the future.

Venturing into new markets

By taking advantage of export factoring you can safely make the cash against goods and credit sales that buyers in other countries prefer. This enhances your ability to compete and to build up a strong position in new markets.

More robust financial structure

By reducing your receivables, factoring makes your balance sheet more liquid, which enhances your market reputation and credibility.

A sound portfolio of high-credibility customers (buyers)

Destek Finans Faktoring obtains detailed market and credit information about your buyers and shares it with you. This will allow you to develop a strong portfolio of buyers whose market positions are solid.

... And a strong business partner who's always at your side

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